In these uncertain times, we asked ourselves if there was something
we could do to help during this global pandemic.

We gathered together with 30+ creatives from varying countries and backgrounds to create → a collection of videos to share healthy ways to live and raise awareness.

Our hope is that we inspire viewers to stay informed and stay safe.

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Thanks again to all of the incredibly talented creatives who donated time and energy to make this happen. 

Check out more of their awesome work linked below.

Allen Laseter - Design
Champ - Design
Christina Young - Design
David Pocull - Design
Emily Suvanvej - Design
Erica Gorochow - Design
Haewon Shin - Design
ILLO - Design / Animation
Lorena G - Design
Marco Cheatham - Design
Ordinary Folk - Design
Paul O’Connor - Design
The Furrow - Design
Tom Redfern - Design
Alex Deaton - Animation
Andrew Vucko - Animation
Champ - Animation
Doug Alberts - Animation
Jardeson Rocha - Animation
Jerry Liu - Animation
José Manuel Peña - Animation
Justin Lemmon - Animation
Maks Fede - Animation
Manuel Neto - Animation
Marco van der Vlag - Animation
Nol Honig - Animation
Ordinary Folk - Animation
Piotr Wojtczak - Animation
Romain Loubersanes - Animation
Steve Savalle - Animation
The Furrow - Animation
Thiago Steka & Ricardo Drehmer - Animation

Antfood - Music & Sound Design

Seth Eckert - Creative Direction
Janet Tousseau - Producer
Justin Burks & Seth Eckert - Art Direction
Kyle Martinez & Seth Eckert - Behind the Scenes, Typography
Seth Eckert - Production & Edit

If anyone would like to help they can continue to share the work and raise awareness. They can also donate to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund or the CDC Foundation

We hope all of you continue to stay informed and stay safe.