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    Menswear capsule collection
One of the most prestigious schools in the world, uniforms, detachable collars, rigid rules, become someone.
A past in one of the poorest countries in Europe, recurring traditions, red wires that come back as springs in years, memories.
Be a King's Scholar at Eton is certainly a great privilege, few places awarded annually to deserving students who really stand out in other institutions and who can not afford a full line in Windson college.
Everything changes very quickly.
The Macedonian culture, with large and wide vestments, the few colors used, the red that protects from curses, deep blue, black and white.
The subculture of the street comes back forcefully, at least implicitly.
The below and above have dialogues increasingly close and intimate up to live in a confusing set of regularity.
Designed through the impalpable memories of a population never known and a starched world where one is quickly involved.
Classic clothing for little spare time.

Menswear capsule collection
Design. Davide Da Ros
Photo. Jean Diaz
Model. Mattia Cargnel