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    This is my self-portrait. Chocolate with spices.
chocolate wiht spices
This is a project by a student from British school of design: a packaging of chocolate with spices.

Traditionally, chocolate packaging is very formal, even for chocolate with spices. But I wanted to reflect the "sharp" and "unusual" nature of these spicy chocolates. At first I tried using sharp creases to mirror the sharpness of the taste, but that felt rigid and boring. It lacked emotion.
So I took an alternative approach instead: using the involuntary and humorous faces that people make when tasting spicy foods.

Brand-name "Sweet & Hot" reflects the nature of the product: it's an assortment of chocolates with a variety of hot spices. These chocolates are marketed for young people and the packaging depicts young women's faces reflecting the "heat-levels" of the chocolate. Each paper bag contains 20 pieces of heart-melting dark chocolate. Advertising posters for this product are designed to be funny and provocative - aimed at young people in their early twenties who enjoy freedom and new experiences.
 Behind the scenes