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    The project has been set by me, the purpose of which was created for personal reasons
''Life is a line''
The project has been set by me, the purpose of which was created for personal reasons. I decided to work with mandala as its origins have a strong spiritual meaning, representing The Universe / The Cosmos. What I wanted to show was that someplaces are more complicated and intricate than others and that life is different for each and everyone of us. The paths that we follow are just simple lines. 
The whole idea was fully received from a short story I wrote, and specifically from the paragraph below: 
''Life is a line. There are different kinds; a number of them actually, a variety, some are thicker, bolder or thinner. Some last longer, others not so much. While all of them have one thing in common they are paths that lead somewhere. They have a start and an end, and there are numerous paths in life if you think about it,  and every line has a story to tell. I am a line, you are a line, the one that stand beside you is a line; every single person in the whole world is a line, has a body and a brain. Lines struck one another, and then the world take shape. Some cannot move along because they are dysfunctional. However, when you find that line that whirls around you and takes the ideal curve, you know that sole moment that you have created perfection. Your tender heart, every withered portion and each painful tear of yours tells you.''
© Meni Chatzipanagiotou
Thank you for watching!

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