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    Daily utilitary urban vehicle.
Project diploma DSAA, 2013.
My work can be divided in two parts.

- First I have designed a basic vehicle appropriate to urban traffic. This basic configuration is able to transport one person and a lightweight load. The special feature of this vehicle is that it can be configured in order to serve the needs of users. So the abilities of this « platform vehicle » can be completed by several accessories. The basic vehicle is sale to users whereas accessories are rented to them.
- the second part of the project is to design some useful accessories. I chose to deal with a few daily
needs such as going to work, taking the children to school, buying groceries or driving somebody to the train station for instance. I decided to work on different rental modules like additional seats (the configured vehicle will be able to transport up to three people), additional child safety seats, luggage racks, different trunks, rain protections ...