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    A Chronicle of the Four Seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter using Music and Video, Field Recordings and Digital Photography
Spring Opus 1 The Four Seasons

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, the cycle of seasons, endless, eternal, breathing in, holding on, breathing out, pause. In so many ways each and every frame is connected to both the previous and succeeding frame. In the same way, every day we live is connected to our first and last on this earth, and each of them is connected to an unknown.

The Four Seasons is my way of bridging the concept of this voyage from one space to another. Time is no longer a notion of minutes and seconds, hours or days, it is a rolling wave, a dance between flowers, a cloud skipping across the sky. 

My music is hopefully able to convey the freedom that this earth enjoys in offering so many beautiful and inspiring sights to each on of us if we only take the time to see.