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Tía Empanada Art Toy

Tía Empanada
This toy born as a result of three things. Firstable my love for street food, Empanadas are a representation of who we are in Colombia, there are a lot of Empanada kinds around the country. Then, on 2019 february, some person get arrested because he was selling empanadas on the streets and it was prohibited in the new police code. So as a manner of protest, i created this art toy.
Looking for the character was an interesting exploration. Even the fact of put the eyes in the middle, down or up in the Empanada communicates different personalities
The Shape of tía Empanada comes from a real empanada, here are some shape testing. Once i had the main shape, y began to add articulations, and then i make the mouth, maybe it was the difficult part in the whole prototype, because of the cutting and then matching the teeths in the jaw.
Once i get the prototype, and after several hours of sanding, i make the molds. Image belows are from the first moldcastings. During prototyping, it was a challenge to choose accesories, i want it to find the perfect things for communicate his personality
Here it is Tía Empanada 1.0
Personality of Tía Empanada is the keystone of the toy, She is 55 years old and after 40 years working she couldn´t get her pension, she smokes a lot because her stressed about the work she was doing. Also, i made a kind of things to incite people to be part of these peaceful protest, that empanadas are part of our culture.
For the launching, i make a small collection of merchandise, related to the whole concept about Tía Empanada
Riso Posters
I want to everybody knows about the story of Tia Empanada, so i made three poster talking about her anatomy, transportation and social thinking.
I also designed some patches, inviting people to join "Empanada Army", i printed some temporary tattoos.
i invited some friends of mine to make a Tía Empanada Illustration. The result was a set of 12 stickers with colorful Empanada Characters. 

Illustrators in order of appearance are: Pulpo Designer, Titania, Matacho Reveur, Lulla, Lorena Álvarez, Bleunyn, Guacala, 4gite Estudio, Alina Ilustra, Leovisualmente, Lefic and  Ataul.
Thinking about limited production and sustainability, the box is printed in risograph, has no glue and there isn´t a plastic cover.
Commercial Spot
In order to get Tia more famous, and for inviting people to go to the luanching event, i want it to make a short spot inspired by the 80´s and 90´s Popular toys Tv Ads. During writing the script i made a few changes: Firstable, my consumers are not kids, are young adults; so my actor is a 35 - 40 male instead the kid we are get used to watch in this kind of communications. Another big change was to look for a location the more pop and traditional way, the kitchen belongs to a mother of a friend. She cooks one of the best beans i ever eat. I highly recommend to watch the video twice or three times.
I like to make great concepts that turns into Art Toys, and involved that toy with all pieces i imagine. Tia Empanada Series 1 are sold out, but don´t worry; right now i´m working on Tía Empanada 2.0.

Do you want some Merchandise?? Just Write me a DM on my Instagram
Tía Empanada Art Toy


Tía Empanada Art Toy

Character Design inpired in pop street food in Colombia: Empanadas. Version 1.0 is a limited Edition with a Stickers set, posters, patches and Te Read More