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Monsieur Bosc – Visual Identity.

Monsieur Bosc is a charming bakery and coffee shop in Poblenou, Barcelona, specialized in classic pastries and innovative cookies.

To help Monsieur Bosc stand out in a crowded category we went back to the original inspiration of the brand: Monsieur Bosc was the great-grandfather of Florencia, the founder of the bakery. He was a french pastry chef that emigrated to Latin America in 1905. We then knew we had to reinforce the family values, the idea of shared meals, of simple moments that develop in casual, unpretentious spaces.

We worked with imagery from the beginning of the 1900s, mixed with a French aesthetic, a kind tone of voice and contemporary typefaces. We also worked around the symbol of wheat, the key ingredient behind every baker and pastry chef.

The take-away meals.

To help the business stay afloat in times of Covid-19, the owners decided to join the delivery trend with take-away meals for lunch. We named the initiative “Es mediodía en Monsieur Bosc” which means “It’s noon at Monsieur Bosc”. For the visual identity we gave a fast and inexpensive solution, we produced only a sticker to be placed on the delivery boxes and bags.
The cookies business.

Same as with the take-away meals, Monsieur Bosc’s owners were focused on producing high-quality and profitable products while keeping the brand growing at a fast pace. We designed a sticker with the name “Las Galletas de Monsieur Bosc” and simply included the ingredients of each cookie.
Typefaces Hatton by Pangram Pangram and Neue Haas Grotesk.
Photos by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels.

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Monsieur Bosc – Visual Identity.


Monsieur Bosc – Visual Identity.

Monsieur Bosc is a charming bakery and coffee shop in Poblenou, Barcelona, that manufactures classic pastries, innovative cookies and take-away m Read More