Durable Nature — Acer ConceptD
Client: Acer           Agency: We Are Social           Production Studio: Ars Thanea

The fascination for nature and technology was a huge inspiration in this project directed by Adam Torczynski. The way how these two seemingly opposite forces can merge and create something new together despite odds became a core idea for the story.

Watch our new CG animation created for Acer/ConceptD together with our friends from We Are Social.

The main software for creating the scene and its animation was 3ds Max, and all the simulations were prepared using the Phoenix Fd plugin. The models were made in ZBrush and for editing we used Adobe Premiere Pro.

To start the process we found video references for the growing of plants from the germination stage to full bloom. Our aim became apparent pretty quickly – we would try to reflect it as real as possible in CG. Transparent water and reacting white ice on a dark background allowed us to focus on the action so a lot of emphasis has been put on movement, form, and contrast, not the color itself.

Client: Acer
Agency: We Are Social
Production: Ars Thanea

Direction&Design: Adam Torczyński
Executive Creative Director: Peter Jaworowski
Art Director: Maciej Mizer
Studio Supervisor: Mikołaj Valencia
Producer: Marta Król, Agnieszka Koterba

3D Modeling : Mateusz Bargiel
Animation: Adam Torczyński, Piotr Wołoszyński
Simulation: Adam Torczyński
Lightening & Rendering: Adam Torczyński, Mateusz Bargiel
Compositing: Łukasz Stolarski
Color Grading: Maciej Mizer
Edit: Adam Torczyński, Patrycja Piróg
BTS - DOP: Adam Filip
Storyboard: Michal Urbański

Sound Director: Adam Torczyński
Sound Studio: Juice Sound

Durable Nature — Acer ConceptD
Multiple Owners
Ars Thanea