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    Silent Violin 2.0 is based around the idea of producing a custom-made silent violin.
Silent Violin 2.0 is based around the idea of producing a custom-made silent violin. The focus here is the use of a generative multi-component-process that allows different degrees of hardness of plastic to be built and finished in a single operation. Thus parts that contact the body can be made from softer plastics and parts for high stability from harder plastics.
The scenario starts with the digital measurement of a professional user. The captured data will be prepared and processed with rapid manufacturing techniques. Technical parts like electrical components and assemblies are inserted by pausing and resuming the process during construction.
Coming from a case study in a following step the concept got pushed further into the direction of becoming a physical and usable object. 
In a process of optimization as reducing material thickness together with finding the right hardness of the material, the design reached its current shape.
With Object.Inc a partner was found to support pushing the boundaries of 3D printing and material invention further. After various versions and prototypes the first working model got finally realised: A main body printed in 3D strong enough to hold the tension of the strings.