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Martini Fiero Tour 2021
Project length: 48 hours.
Category: Ideas that make the brand come alive – By Bitmama with Martini
Martini Fiero promotes a new and different way to be “fiero” (proud in Italy). New millennial proudness replace convention and old expectation. 

So Fiero Martini Aperitivo is an empowering moment for millennials. A moment where the only thing that counts is to be yourself. A moment to be proud of yourself, whatever it is that make you feel proud. 

A moment to share your little victories (or even failures) without hesitation. 

Fiero represents a new state of mind of an entire generation The Fiero attitude (proudness) to be just the way I am. 

We have to develop a brand activation able to position the brand close to millennials by accompanying their unique moments of “proudness”. 

We ask you to find places, activities and topics, from music to e-games, from social media to real life, where millennials desires to feel unique and let Martini give them the chance to declare their “proudness". The goal is to use the moment of Aperitivo to celebrate these unconventional moments in order to be relevant in millennials life.
The Project
Fiero tour is a big event that is going to become a tradition around the world.
It takes place every 3rd weekend in the month in a 3 different regions around the world. 

Once a year in a particular city. Many bars, pubs, restaurants, clubs, galleries and cultural events participate in organizing different events (live music,exhibitions, workshops, DJ parties, dancing parties, competitions), while promoting the drink Martini Fiero served with tonic water.

The target audience is young, communicative people, who can socialize and even participate in some of the events, since there will be workshops, dances, art exhibits, and many more. Each venue that participates in the partnership program is branded with the advertisement of the event organized by Martini and located on the map.

Everything is made user-friendly and easy to understand,presented via interactive website application, native mobile application, and paper map. All of the locations have color coding according to the activity they propose.

For the digital interactive maps in the web and mobile app. there will be an extra feature to help you track your friends if you connect it with social media you can share your location.
The key wors are EXPLORE, EXPERIENCE, and ENJOY. 

The goal is to make it like a game- Explore the local places, the story behind the drink, search for an adventure, feel the local atmosphere of the city, and gather with friends and meet new people. Experience the tour by taking part in the events and workshops where you can make your own Fiero’N’Tonic and get in the shoes of the bartender (and who doesn’t love the bartender?). 

Enjoy not only the taste of this fine drink but the whole tour, share memories, and look
forward to the next year.
Our paper map is created to inform all the users, who won’t download our map, but still want participate in Fiero Tour. It includes everything from the interactive one, just without the function to track and connect your friends.

It’s design is clear and simple, yet includes everything the user needs to navigate and get informed for preferred venues and all that just right in your pocket.
Mobile application's prototype showcase
Thanks for a part of the mock-up resources.
Thank you for reading!
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Martini Fiero Tour 2021
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Martini Fiero Tour 2021

Fiero tour is a big event that is going to become a tradition around the world. It takes place every 3rd weekend in the month in 3 different regi Read More