Shaving is the most common method of hair removal in the UK, with women shaving an average of 12 times monthly. Although popular, shaving still presents many issues for women. Razor burn creates a painful and unsightly rash, caused by repeated shaving strokes over the same area of skin (re-stroking). Correct shave preparation can reduce the effects of razor burn, however this requires the application of foam to large areas of the body - a process that is messy and limits when and where women can shave.

The shaving industry attempts to address some of these challenges through the use of lubricating and moisturising strips. However, their efficacy is limited as they are effective for as little as 3-4 uses. Midi provides a solution to razor burn reducing the associated anxiety of shaving with sensitive skin and empower women to enjoy a pain free shaving experience.
Some solutions that aim to solve the problems of re-stroke irritation and gel use already exist in the market, however no current product has successfully addressed these user needs.

Lubricating strips
According to the ‘most helpful’ Amazon reviews moisturizing and lubricating strips are only effective for a very limited time.

Gel combination products
Combination products that package gel within the razor suffer from a poor user experience, requiring the user to guess the correct amount of gel needed for a shave and the increased chance for user error, causing further frustration.

Midi addresses the short comings of existing products
Our microfluidics knowledge enables us to eliminate hair and water ingress into the reservoir while controlling the flow rate of oil during each stroke.
Midi provides protection during shaving without the need to pre-apply shaving foam, eliminating the associated time, mess and limitations.

Midi achieves this by precisely dispensing an oil formulation onto the skin just ahead of the blades. This oil lubricates the blades, allowing them to glide across even the most sensitive skin without damage, before being absorbed by the skin to provide long-lasting moisturisation.

Without the need to apply and rinse off shaving foam, women can shave easily and discretely, even on-the-go. All that is needed for an easy and painless shave is a splash of water to clean the razor blades every so often.
We took a multifaceted approach with a combined team of engineers, designers and business analysts. We find that the ‘one plus one equals three’ synergy of a multidisciplinary group is a powerful asset to unlock breakthroughs.
Midi was designed to counteract the negative emotions associated with shaving. We meticulously designed Midi to give an approachable and inviting feel, whilst evoking a sense of precision and reliability in the user's mind.

Expertise in microfluidics enables a rolling applicator to be fed from an oil reservoir by capillary action in any orientation. User centered design applied this technology to provide women with the assurance that every stroke is protected from razor burn without the preparation and mess of shaving foam.
Our ebook, Disruptive innovation in fluid delivery for wet shaving has details of the project, which paired technology innovation with market understanding. Our designers identified key pain points in the shaving experience and pinpointed device plus chemistry opportunities to enhance the user experience. Engineers worked to overcome the main microfluidic and architectural challenges presented by each opportunity, allowing our analysts to evaluate the business potential for a CPG company.

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