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Aluminum foam
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Graduation project - 2020
In the history of furniture, we know of many seating furniture that were designed by excellent architects such as Le Corbusier, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, or Charles and Ray Eames as an integral part of the interiors they compose. These furniture have since become design history icons as stand-alone, sovereign products, and examples to follow for the ever independent furniture design community. A holistic approach to architecture, which also extends to the mobile objects included in the building, is now self-evident.

But what happens when we turn things around and a mobile furniture designer deals with the space, through her furniture?

Luna is a piece of seating furniture designed for the VIP room of a sports facility. A representative yet comfortable chair that declares a dignified seating position for its user with its system of shapes and proportions reminiscent of throne chairs. The seating surface, structured from the central torus, places the person in the center, which is emphasized by the spherical slice-like backrest and the dynamic angles of the legs projected into the center of the torus. The dynamism, futuristic sterility, femininity, sacredness, athlete's body cult, retro, as well as the metal industry that appear in the spaces, all reflected in the design and technical solutions of the furniture.
In the case of VIP, the furniture seeks to create the expected “luxury” in an intellectual sense, using an innovative and sustainable material that is a regional development and reflects the region's significant metalworking past. There is no significant precedent of microcellular aluminium foam in the furniture industry. The convergence of aluminium foam and solid aluminium results in a bone-like structure, the anthropomorphic nature of which evokes the body cult of athletes, while the hard and cold metal cast into a soft form is an analogy to the contrast between the players' amazing performance and femininity, humanity. Due to the low density and high strength of the material used, it makes the furniture light, yet durable.
Thanks to the neutral use of color and the reduction of form, the furniture, although designed for a specific space, remains valid regardless of the space. Dynamism, futuristic sterility, femininity, and body cult can be relevant concepts regardless of VIP to be reflected on a contemporary piece of furniture.
1:3 prototype
Consultant: Balázs Püspök
Special thanks to: Gábor Bella
Design: Annabella Hevesi MA II.