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SleekDigital Rebrand Concept

Re-envisioning Brand Identity 
Design For SleekDigital
(A Mock Rebrand Concept)

Since 2017, SleekDigital, a Singapore app developer has been providing bespoke app development services, mobile app design, innovative enterprise app development, M-commerce app development, mobile app maintenance, mobile application consultation, iPad and tablet software development.

SleekDigital need more than just a consistent brand identity that represents their values. Our challenge was to help them boost sales by resonating with their target audiences and also, demonstrating their bold ambition in becoming the top app developer in Singapore.  

We completely re-designed SleekDigital visual identity, integrating and enhancing their iconic red colour in the process. The outcome captured their values, target audiences and bold ambition in the app development industry in its logo, key graphics and iconography.

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The before logo was a logotype and because it has a long name, it was lengthy which makes it difficult for people to remember. In addition, it does not function well as a logo when scaled down. This aspect is especially important in the current digital day and age where logos are required to be seen in small and constraint spaces in our mobile screens. 

Thus, we decided to design a monogram consisting of the initials "S" and "D". Together with the core design element of the square as a building block in a digital space, the outcome is a distinct logomark which is appropriate for an app developer and functions well as a simple visual shorthand, especially in small spaces.

SleekDigital Rebrand Concept

SleekDigital Rebrand Concept

Re-envisioning brand identity design for SleekDigital - A Singapore app developer company. In this mock rebrand concept, we re-designed its visua Read More