AIGA San Diego 9th Annual Y Design Conference

Energy + Courage + Know-how = moxY
The AIGA San Diego Y (why) Design Conference has become one of the nation's most anticipated annual design conferences. It brings together creatives from many disciplines for two days of inspiration and instruction. The 9th Annual conference was themed moxY (from moxie) and focused on the three characteristics that define having moxie: energy, courage and know how, and explored how they apply to design and our daily lives.
Save-the-date postcard - Letterpress
Wire sculpture: Michelle Aranda
Poster/Mailer - Side 1 (detail)
Poster/Mailer - Side 1
Poster/Mailer - Side 2 (design 1)
Poster/Mailer - Side 2 (design 2)
Poster/Mailer base design 
Wire sculpture: Michelle Aranda, Photography: Ken West
Attendant Badge
Program Cover
Program (detail)
Limited Edition Prints
Each a one of a kind collage by Michelle Aranda embossed with the moxY man and Y9 logo
emboss detail
A sampling of the prints - Some remain and could be made available for sale
Banner tryptich
Signage System
Metal Sculpture and signage
Metal Work: Victoriano Escobedo
Signage (detail)
Podium Graphics
At the podium: Bill Grant
The Intro video at the theatre
Intro video screens
Collaboration with Michelle Aranda, Justin Skeesuck and Ninth Link 
E-blast 1
E-blast 2
Collaboration with Justin Skeesuck
Website Screen 1
Website Screen 2