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    Create a handwritten Punjabi/Gurmukhi True-Type font suitable for use on Book cover artwork and in Bollywood Films.
The specification for this project was to create a font, based upon real Punjabi/Gurmukhi handwriting that was of the type that you might find in a native of the Punjab who, whilst they had learned to read and write, the method of construction of some of the letters is quite different to the GHW Adhiapak font - most notably, the 'ਲ'.
Here, we have the word 'ਅੰਗ੍ਰੇਜ਼ੀ' ('English') which was chosen because, in addition to a tippee, it has a paer character as well as a paer bindi character.
Using a marker version of the font, along with its 'tips' variant to add marks that suggest that the pen was static at the beginning and end of each letter-forming stroke, ie, that the surface that it was written on had quite a high static friction coefficient and also was capable of absorbing quite a bit more of the ink.
The background has quite a pronounced 'grain' along which the superfluous ink from the marker pen has apparently flowed. This is done with blurring and masking in the usual manner.
Article one of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in the GHW Dukandar font.
If you want to make it look more like handwriting, you can distort the image once you have generated the text so that the lines to things that normal handwriting on plain paper do, such as: sloping off to the right; wavering randomly; scaling variously, according to the distance down the page; and, so on - that was done in the Punjabi text for 'ਇੱਕ ਕੁੜੀ ਪੰਜਾਬ ਦੀ' ('Ek Kudi Punjab Di') like so ...
You can see from the right-hand section of the image above, how the tips version marks the beginning and end of each stroke.
This is a standard image for each font, displaying the style and variants, including how to use the tips font variants.
GHW Dukandar is available in Regular and Bold, Marker, Marker Bold and Marker Bold Tips.
The GHW Dukandar font is used quite a bit on book covers with the above nine resulting from a curiosity-driven afternoon looking around the Internet.
It has also been used in a number of Punjabi language Bollywood films.
Note that Sarsa changed its name part way through production to Sikander.
You can download the GHW Dukandar font from here.