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    Some various illustrations I made this year. :)
Some various illustrations I did for editorial, commercial and personal works. :) I'm so lucky to work with such nice people and company.
Marvel Boy
My contribution to Jonathan Morris’ (Calamity Jon) Reduxe of The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe.
Original illustration by: John Byrne and Joe Rubinstein
GI Joe: Cobra Files Issue 2
This was a fun commission for me as I've always wanted to create a cover for the comic books when I was still in Art School. :) 

Carlos Guzman, the comic book editor of IDW asked me to illustrate the cover for their GI JOE: The Cobra Files title. The brief essentially came from IDW, so my task was to come up with the actual visual. The idea was to show the things that are on Cobra Commander's mind.
Heineken commissioned me to create icons and illustrations for their most recent How-to section of the Heineken magazine.

I recreated a web browser in my own style and made icons for the different sections of the articles as well. There's a browser-camera, an eye with the iris looking like a pie chart, a compass with the mouse pointer as the arrow, overlapping speech bubble, a roller paint brush and a heart-shape hand-shake.
I Love You Right Up to the Moon and Back
This was a commissioned project from Jigsaw LLC, an ad agency based in Milwaukee. They asked me to make the cover illustration of the brochure for Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare's new Special Care Nursery building. 

They wanted the brochure to emulate the look of a children’s book—picking up on the emotion and innocence of children to see things in a dreamy, whimsical way. Each page uses an illustration and a famous author’s quote (ie: “I love you right up to the moon and back.”)

The illustration shows a monster (that's a cross between the cat-bus and ceshire cat), helping a space rocket fly to the moon, and back.
Mediatemple Product Page Refresh
I created some icons and illustrations for the recent refresh of Mediatemple's website. Jon Setzen, creative director of (mt) asked me to visualize the different elements in their website using my illustration style.

I used a limited color palette based on the design color scheme of the screenshots they showed me. It made the whole system friendly and vibrant, which was their intention. While the current Mediatemple looks great, their creative team wanted to move away from the cold look of the current website.

You can view the icons & illustrations live on the product pages of Mediatemple.
Power of Five
This was an interesting and fun commission for Walker Books, publisher of Anthony Horowitz's "Power of Five" series. The creative direction & concept came from David McDougall, the art director of Walker Books. His direction was to encapsulate the different landscapes & vistas from the book inside the outlines of different animals & insects.

I also gave suggestions on what typeface to use for the covers. I even airbrushed the different letterforms. In the end, they opted for the exact same titles they used on the previous version of the series.

I was so happy that the author liked the illustrations I made. :)

Art Director & Cover Designer: David McDougall
Publisher: Walker Books
Author: Anthony Horowitz
Wander PH
Wander is a project I started with a group of creative friends: Dang, Kissa, Inksurge and Charles Buenconsejo. We wanted to create a micro-guide map for Metro Manila because it's about time we have one. :)

Each team member had different contributions: Dang & Kissa for the curation & copy, Inksurge for the icon design and art direction, Charles shot the photographs while I did the map and spot illustrations.


Wander is about savoring the best of what cities can offer through the eyes of its locals. Celebrating popular establishments, well-loved small shops to seeking out wonderful surprises, we are on the look out for rich and unique experiences. 
We share their favorites and present a way of life.

Wander features beautiful maps, interesting facts, and insightful guides for a fun journey around the city. 

Simply said, Wander is a free foldable map and city guide featuring suggestions by key locals. For Manila, we interviewed four people/groups (Liza Ilarde, Markus Schmidt, 98B, Ivan Man Dy) regarding their suggested itineraries and spots in Manila. We interspersed this with our suggestions as well. We plan to release every quarter featuring just one city.
A Spread of Space
A space spread I made for a magazine that talks about political alliance.
WIRED UK: How to Make a Hologram
A commissioned illustration from WIRED UK. The brief was to create a How-to illo for creating your own Hologram. It was fun working on this especially since Ben Fraser, the art director of WIRED was very much game on my proposal to introduce a Mecha & a Monster on the diagram.

A space pilot sees a monster coming out of the sea (for some reason most monsters do come out of the sea, just look at Godzilla). The guy doesn't have any weapon to defeat the monster so he creates a hologram of his Mecha action figure. After seeing the mecha the monster cries and goes home. The End! :)

Art Director: Ben Fraser
Animated by: Matt Izard
Bookish.com’s Metro Ads
I did some illustrations for Bookish.com’s recent metro ads. The idea was “Reading Together". They wanted the different characters from books & publications to interact with the book lover inside the train.
Havaianas Star Writers
TSA (the exclusive distributor of Havaianas in the Philippines, Singapore and Indonesia) and Havaianas commissioned me to design the Make Your Own Havaianas commemorative pair for 2013. It's the first time Havaianas commissioned a Filipino to design a sole for their flip-flops.

I called the illustration "Starwriters", the idea was about space exploration and spacemen who loved tracing & doodling constellations in space. 

1 -9 Photos of the actual pair.
10. The guy doodler - Left foot
11. The girl doodler - Right foot 

Oh there's even a glow-in-the-dark version