Branding, Visual identity & Art Direction.
DANKI is a tennis and clothing brands reseller, operating mainly in São Paulo with more than 10 stores. The brand came to life through the need of young people, the need to be understood, to have a place to call their own. To serve such a unique public, a store with a lot attitude was needed. For this reason, DANKI was created with its own strong personality and with products that reflect the vibrant and edgy behavior of teenagers.

The brand is repositioning itself to better communicate its personality and essence. We worked together with the company directors to implement its new positioning and visual identity. The idea that the public is the one that makes the style happen and a DANKI is there to come along.

The brand translates into the concept "you make the way" where a visual language aspires to the young spirit. We created a simple system with great intensity in photos and shapes, always looking for the street lifestyle that combines attitude and sophistication.

We are always looking out for the new because we want to create different stories everyday. Stories that turn into memories and bring us knowledge. With no fear of making mistakes, showing our personality and continue to explore unknown directions. Explore what makes happy, exciting and new emotions. That's why we are constantly on the move. Our journey and commitment to you never ends. DANKI always walks by your side, but you decide the path.

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Creative Team:
Gabriel Miranda, André Cicerelli

Photography: Danielle Sampaulo, João Paulo, Manuela Capelozza 
3D: Mateus Morgan
Motion Design: Chris Reid

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DANKI - Branding