As Covid-19 continues to impact every aspect of society, this year the Brooklyn Film Festival is going virtual.

Showing its lineup of 140 films entirely online for free with registration, it is meeting film lovers where they are: their living rooms. While many Americans are sheltering in place, there’s never been a better time to virtually “go” to the Brooklyn Film Festival.

For this year’s campaign, Brooklyn Film Festival worked with long-time partner TBWA\Chiat\Day to delve into the shortlisted films and extract some of their most moving moments to reframe them as series of ‘refresher courses’ – re-teaching some of life's most basic interactions such as How to be a Sports Fan, How to Hug and, How to have dinner parties.

Upon completing title treatments for a range of instructional videos for the festival, we were tasked with creating a general look & feel under the 'Relearn How to Be Human' umbrella. With such a wide range of typography styles used throughout the titles, we decided to utilize the full range, and take elements from each to create a modular typography system. 

Brooklyn Film Festival 2020