"Romeu e Julieta" Collection
design by Estado d'Alma
"Torcido" | sideboard

The accuracy of a simple and honest design, combined with the beauty an sensuality of nature are some of the features that make this piece unique.This piece consists of two drawers and a central module, slightly rotated according to its central axis. The drawers have lacquered finish in white and green, and the remaining parts are in oak and walnut.
"Rosalina" | side table

Graceful and elegant as their "parents", "Rosalina" is the smallest member of the family "Romeo e Julieta". Born with a view to supporting everything and everyone, always on our side. Loves to be leaning to the sofas and beds, always willing to keep in its small drawer  your things.
"Verona" | sideboard

With the will to avoid uncomfortable positions while bending down, this sideboard has a leaning module to store books and bottles, combining these two pleasures in one piece. There are two models with a draw and a door where you can storage glass cups or other items.
"Imperatriz" | Showcase

Imponent, sober and superior, the "Imperatriz" showcase is one of our most powerful pieces wherever she is found. She's intended to store your most precious items and at the same time displaying them to everyone. It's divided in four parts, the legs inspired by its ancestors, two models with a glass door and one more with two draws.
"Capuleto" | media unit

Short and long, "Capuleto" will be prepared to bear with one of the best friends of Man, the television. It has two shelves where you can get the DVD / Blu-ray player and other entertainment devices. In addition, it has two drawers to get what you want.