CH-LAB is an independent design studio founded in 2014.
Each CH-LABer is a creative talent with a unique personality and the only reason that brings us together is we all share a common vision: “!”&”∞”. 
"!" could be a wow experience, a unique strategy, a warm product, a smile moment, a touching story and all the innovative solutions we devoted. These “!”solutions contribute to the unlimited opportunities for both us and our partners.

In brand vision, there are colors in the system coexist with colors that represent individuality,and they are unify by imprint and connect by symbol;
In application and actual production, acting with caution to choose multiple materials, and also rich colors combination with color of black, white and gray;
All these integrated magnify the team's imprint and the amplifies personality recognizable of team members.
Creative Director: Yang Ye
Logotype Design: Ye Wenting
Editorial Design: Yang Ye
Website Design: An Luyan
Website Developer: City-design
Printing: PaperPlay​​​​​​​

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