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Free Sound Alerts For Twitch (9 sets)
Free to download, sounds are made for Twitch, so all the regular Twitch alerts are captured, New donation/sub/follow etc and with extras for fun. 
No need to contact to use them! They are FREE TO USE!!

All the alerts are all game references; the character accents, the artwork and the names. We called them sound cartridges, because we made them like gameboy cartridges. We have made huge packs that people can buy to support us, but these are totally FREE. 

As you scroll down, for each set there will be
- About the alerts
-There is a blue link to each soundboard where you can download for free (blue)
-There is also a video from YouTube so you can listen to some samples​​​​​​​

ASMR Souls 
This pack is based on Dark Souls, and a mix of a couple of the characters, in a creepy stream butler style, this is many peoples favourite. It's not very intrusive, especially if you get a lot of follows or alerts going off on your twitch channel. 

Sound alerts and notifications on this page 
Duke Nukem style sound alerts 
If you are familiar with Duke Nukem then you will know what we have tried to recreate. That husky, politially-incorrect ass-kicking American character. 

There are twitch sounds alerts and extras, free download from 
Final Hearts 
This set is lighter, with a young advertur voice, like Sora for kingdom hearts, hence the name, and a touch of Naruto in there. 

You can download alerts for free from the Sora Soundboard

Cpt. Steambeard (Pirate)
This is an awesome character for your Twitch stream, especially if you are a Sea of Theives fan, the sound alerts fit in perfectly, got some cool quote in there too. 

Download your pirate Twitch sound alerts FREE from the Pirate Soundboard

Met Fit Trainer
This is a midwestern narrater just like WiiFIT super nice that it is almost sarcastic. 

Download FREE sounds from the ME-FIT soundboard
El Zorrado / Puss in boots 
This is a Spanish Zorro style set of alerts, think of 'Puss in boots' from Shrek. Twitch standard alerts + extra randoms.

Smash Announcer
This is a set we made to sound like the Announcer from Super Smash Bros, since Nintendo never let anyone use any of their assets, we made a pretty similar Character. Feel same using them as your Twitch sounds, there will be no takedowns form us! 

This is was suppose to be a midlevel IQ ork, but devolved a little during recording into a low-midevel ork. Some really funny sounds from this guy. 

Download free ORK sounds
Retro Robot
This is just a monotone robot, but what is extra special about this one, is that, its was performed by our friend who is a classical opera singer. 

If you got this far, you must have really liked them, thanks for checking us out. 
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We'll be making more cool stuff. We'll post about it soon. 
Twitch Sound Alerts FREE

Twitch Sound Alerts FREE