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    This is a proposal for a new Corporate Identity of the typewriter museum in Parcines, Italy.
This concept was created for the typewriter museum in Parcines, Italy.
The most fascinating feature of typewriters is their imperfection. Each page, each letter is different, even though the font, font size and colors are usually limited by the manual application of the color. This limitation is the starting point of the concept.

The logo was first typed on a typewriter, then digitized and used exclusively in this size to keep the charm and character of the typewriter. It contains on the one hand the bilingual name of the museum and on the other hand a symbol that encodes the name "Peter Mitterhofer", the inventor of the typewriter. The starting point is the keyboard on which the letters of the names have been replaced by /.
In terms of imagery, the same principle as with the logo is used. Font size, paper size and colors refer to the possibilities of the typewriter, 10pt mono spaced font on DIN A4 in red or black on white or colored paper. Posters are thus composed of several A4 sheets with a composition of characters which show typewriters. How the poster should look like, how big it is and what color it has, can be decided personally. Some single A4 pages together resemble a poster, which can include the flyer or other information about the museum and typewriters in general on its back. Planned is a large poster wall in the museum built out of A4 blocks of poster-sheets from which the visitors can tear off individual sheets and thus create their own individual poster, or simply assemble the information on the back of it to a catalog. Continuous characteristic feature of this Corporate Identity is the imitation of the typewriter. Why invent new techniques when the original ones show already perfectly the charm and character themselves. The Beauty of Imperfection.
Semester Project SS 2013 | "Der Schöne Schein"
Supervisors: Christian Upmeier | Gerhard Glüher | Julian Koschwitz