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It's so quiet I can hear my own footsteps
"It's so quiet I can hear my own footsteps"

With planes grounded and vehicle usage drastically reduced because of imposed lockdowns, never has the city been so quiet. Birdsong, bikes, conversation and footsteps have replaced the usual din of city life. 

The above quote came from an overheard conversation - something I may not have noticed or been attuned to hear previously - and it resonated. Capturing the still atmosphere of one of Europe's biggest cities in the midst of a global pandemic would take more than photos of empty streets.

In this ongoing series I am cycling to iconic locations in London - often the busiest places in the city - documenting their current emptiness through audio recordings and photographs. My plan is to return to the same spots to provide comparative documents in the coming months as this city reawakens.

Forest Hill, 05:43, 24th May 2020
London Bridge. 10:15, 24 May 2020. 
City of London. 10:46, 24 May 2020. 
Barbican. 11:23, 24th may 2020.
Covent Garden. 11:52, 24th May 2020
Trafalgar Square, 12:33, 24th May 2020
It's so quiet I can hear my own footsteps

It's so quiet I can hear my own footsteps

With planes grounded and vehicle usage drastically reduced due to #COVID19 and imposed #lockdowns, never has the city been so quiet. I decided to Read More