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    The Project is an open idea of an assemblage that relates to our contemporary daily life.
Hall no.2 / 19th to 27th October 2013, Eindhoven, Netherlands*
Summer Workshops at Boisbuchet, 2013
Design by Nikita Bhate / Annabella Vivas
The title of this workshop has a double meaning as seeds that offer new research and new experience and as a reference to “Semina” - the avant-garde Pop magazine of the late 1950's and 60's. “Semina” was strongly interested in collage, a most crucial stylistic innovation in the arts of the twentieth century that provided this extraordinary magazine with a principle for both aesthetic and existential novelty.
This workshop tries to re-think “Semina” in its key-concepts and re-launch a process of research through a very open idea of collage that relates to our contemporary daily life.
The workshop is made of 13 on site specific installations to create a path leading to the Japanese Pavillion of Boisbuchet. The research started taking inspiration from the work of Wallace Berman and the Semina Culture.
Looking for at the Japanese Pavillion
Our Project is an assemblage in itself, resembling to the Domaine de Boisbuchet and the different and unique structures it withholds. The idea was to create distinct perspectives for the Japanese pavillion, where each individual, looks through it from a unique point of view.
Exchange of first ideas
Setting the workspace
Work in Progress
Creating Perceptions for the Japanese Pavillion
Photography credits: © Aneta Zeleznikova