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  • Part of my GO!GENERATE was the ALTER//MATE library where I studied different methods and forms of recreating materials from waste. The whole concept here was to cut down designer waste and reuse these materials by remaking them into another materials. The library's primary target audience are student designers, and it serves as a handbook more than a guide book to sustainability design because inside consists of experiments, failures and successes and methods that are usable. The content aims to help student designers who are trying to explore other creative methods to apply to their projects, to inform and provide expectations to each and every experiment, so they can save time and look into the working methods. 
    This edition of ALTER//MATE only focuses on two types of common materials - Plastics and Paper.
  • Below are the three posters made from Plastic, Plastic and Paper, and Paper respectively. All materials are contributed by friends and schoolmates. All materials used are not bought. 
  • Below are three booklets in reference to the three posters respectively. In each booklet, there is a discussion of what each poster can become. It is to encourage the audience to look beyond the surface of the posters, and use their creativity to notice how each poster can have effects, textures, colours, methods, on their project of their creative fields.