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THE COSMOS BED (The Space Bed)
THE COSMOS BED  (The Space Bed).
Embark on a space of relaxation, rest and sleep with The Cosmos Bed ! The Cosmos Bed  is partially open bed that resembles an egg or a capsule. This bed is designed for your most possible comfort and security. It has inside several helpful facilities:
- audio system to listen some calm relaxing music,
-an alarm clock to accurately wake you up,
- a therapeutic LED lighting and aromatic dispensers to soothe you before sleep.
The slope of the mattress can be adjusted as you like.
The Cosmos Bed  will take away your stress and help you to go to sleep: you can listen music or white noise, smell relaxing aroma, adjust bed for your body, relax under calm light or do it all at the time.
This futuristic bed will complement any modern home. This bed will be the focus of your bedroom!
THE COSMOS BED (The Space Bed)