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    A laser cut optical illusion triangle out of acrylic.
I wanted to see if I could bring some optical illusions that I've seen before in books into 3 dimensions. I was interested to see if they'd have the same effect eventhough they were now tangible in real life. I modeled what I like to call the "trippy triangle", what is essentially 3 arms shaped like the number 7, and when they interlock, they create an interesting visual effect.
The most surprising thing is that by separating the triangle up into parts, it quickly becomes clear that this optical illusion makes the whole unit completely different than simply the combination of a few piece of acrylic. All that comes to mind is Aristotle; "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." I never thought I'd see such a clear example and rederive this for myself.
Rendering of my Solidworks model.
A side view showing how the arms interlock.
Some vibrant colors comprising this triangle, with the laser cutter cutting out the arms.
This is not very impressive when in pieces, proving that this illusion only works when whole.
Being able to mix and match colors is a lot of fun, and each piece strikes you differently.
The many sheets of colored acrylic I used to cut the arms out of.