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    The photographer Daniel Schäfer captured the annual Mercedes-Benz Eurotraining hold 2013 in the City of Arts & Science, Valencia.
Mercedes-Benz Eurotraining 2013
Stagg & Friends, the Dusseldorf based leading communications agency,  has once again been chosen to partner with Daimler AG for the annual Mercedes-Benz Eurotraining - in the "brand-perfect location" of the
"City of Arts & Science" in Valencia. Coming from over 60 countries, 13,000 employees of the company`s worldwide sales organization  were trained, from February to April, in the latest and ever evolving Mercedes-Benz products. The focus of the training was to match the extraordinary location, created by the world famous architect Santigo Calatrava, with interactivity. The use of actual dynamic driving experiences together with innovative comparison techniques to allow the sales team to be optimally qualified before the market introduction of the upcoming models, such as the leading E-Class, the new S-Class or the new Lifestyle Coupé CLA-Class. The photographer Daniel Schäfer captured this unique combination of events and people for the unmistakeable Mercedes Benz brand, within the backdrop of a powerful, extraordinary and internationally acclaimed environment.