Ordinary Alterations

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  • This work is the result of a course I took in photography of architecture, held by Marco Introini at Politecnico di Milano. We had to create a book of at least twenty pictures with a common architectural theme, chosen by ourselves in autonomy. I took my pictures in six months, moving into the outskirts of Milan, where the economic boom of the Sixties created huge sleeping quarters that are now part of the city itself. These large groups of buildings, sometimes anonymous tenements, sometimes important pieces of architectural history, have undergone major changes over the years, or alterations, which have deviated from the original rationalist form. The natural flow of human life put some changes into the building, making them “living” through the years and becoming real documents of the history of their inhabitants.  some of the most important italian photographer have been my source of inspiration: Guido Guidi, Francesco Jodice, Gabriele Basilico.