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    Design an Art Deco Unicode font with Punjabi/Gurmukhi letters in the Gurmukhi Unicode range and with Roman characters in the ASCII range.
Designed specifically as a display font, Dekho Naveen (or 'New Deco' as in Art Deco) is designed to be an extended version of my 'Dekho' font.
For the uninitiated, 'Dekho' also means 'look', as in; telling somebody to look at something and is also a word in English with a similar meaning, for example; 'Come and have a dekko at this,' meaning; 'come and have a look at this.'
However, Dekho Naveen also has Latin figures in the ASCII range so, if you are going to access the Gurmukhi letters in this font, you are going to have to use Unicode.
You can see that the Latin figures are Art Deco and will make this font stand up as an Art Deco font in its own right, whether or not you use the Gurmukhi-range Unicode characters.
You will notice that the Gurmukhi figures are very stylised - using only a deliberately restricted set of radii - quite angular and deliberately follow design rules that tend to take the font out of the body font group of fonts and place it in the display fonts group.
Purple leather, African Blackwood and Gold. Just using two widths of Dekho Naveen (this time spelled with the implicit nasalisation of the Punjabi word meaning 'new'), a noise layer and a hones noise layer, all done on the free, cross-platform, image-processing software, The GIMP.
You can download an use these fonts for free, as any normal font user would, for commercial or non-commercial use, from my website here.
Have fun.