Plant Watch - Garden Monitoring System
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    This is a school project called "Tool for living." In this project I was asked to develop an idea for some sort of interactive tool that helps pe… Read More
    This is a school project called "Tool for living." In this project I was asked to develop an idea for some sort of interactive tool that helps people achieve some end. I came up with a garden administrating tool to help gardeners organize and keep track of the plants both on-site and remotely. Read Less
This is a personal in which practiced a full cycle of a product design process from identifying a problem, coming up with a solution idea, dong background research to conceptualizing system component, work flow, physical device design and interface prototype. 
Plantwatch is a Garden Monitoring System that helps gardeners detect condition of plants in their gardens based on environmental and nutrient factors; and provide them with necessary information to improve their garden health. Plantwatch is usable for both household and commercial gardens.

Plantwatch functions in 4 steps:
1. Examine climate condition to determine environmental factors.
2. Collect current nutrient factors information of user’s plants.
3. Utilize these information and match them with specific plant species requirement.
4. Notify user tasks needed to improve their plant health.

Plantwatch Detector
Detector, a censoring stick-form device, examines nutrient condition of plant’s soil and transmits these information to the Smart Pad. Factors examined by the detector are: water, macronutrient (N, K, Mg, Ca, P, and
S), and micronutrient (Fe, Zn, Mn, Mo, B, Cu, Cl). Detector comes in 2 forms (7in and 10in), run by solar energy, and can be used in individual plant pot or a ground-level area of similar plants.

Plantwatch Smart Pad
Smart Pad is a wifi handheld tablet that serves as a global device utilizing all system data. Smart Pad has 3 main functions:
• Gather information detected from the environment (climate condition including temperate, humidity, sunlight
exposure and air quality), and data received from the detectors (water, macro and micro nutrient condition)
• Compile data and match them with specific plant’s requirement based on an input code
• Compute necessary tasks for user based on processed data

Species Code Chart
Species Code Chart is a table of systematic codes of plant species that Plantwatch system supports. When
adding a new plant to the system, user will be asked to input a code of the plant found in this chart. This code
helps the Smart Pad to match data with the right requirement for the plant.
Plantwatch App
The Plantwatch App lets user monitor their garden remotely on mobile devices. Though having similar interface,
the app cannot function as a Smart Pad since it only acquires information that had been processed by the pad.


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