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My favorite colorful facades
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Colorful facades - my favorites
Ever since I was a little boy I haven an eye for shapes and colors. I'm most attracted to the man-built shapes. When I learned how to capture them I notice people love the details too and makes them appreciate their own environments more. The past years I have been traveling across The Netherlands and Europe to photograph and discover these buildings.
Here are a few of my favorites.

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No this is not a giant red elephant hiding, it is a heat transfer station near Almere, The Netherlands. Designed by Willem Schutter and completed in 2012
When the sky emphasizes the beautiful designed facade of the Leutschen Tower in Zurich, Switzerland. Designed by Bétrix & Consolascio, completed in 2011.
Beautiful yellow facade, found in Amsterdam designed by Dedato ontwerpers in 2006.
Amsterdam newest student tower, part of "Our domain", has an amazing color palette. Designed by OZ architecten and completed in 2020.
One of my most fun discoveries of 2019, after driving past the other side for years I noticed the back had a beautiful red snake pattern.
When your friends can lean like it's nothing. Behind Alex is the wonderful designed facade of a school in Amsterdam
When facades become a canvas. In Essen this University Duisburg-Essen tower is painted by artist Horst Gläsker
Wonderful (and famous) designed balcony in Orestad, Copenhagen, Denmark
The courtyard of this apartment complex in Utrecht, The Netherlands makes the most beautiful patterns. Technical design by  Roos Ros architecten and completed in 2019
Wonderful colorful facade found in Houten, The Netherlands
This black and white facade of an hotel in Amsterdam inspired me to create a heart shape in it.
The unusual shaped facade of the poortgebouw in Utrecht, The Netherlands that houses several hotels. Designed by STIR architects and completed in 2017
The entrance structure of Legoland park really caught my eye. Te emphasize the structure itself I removed a partial building on the left side.
This large building on sticks in Leiden always catches my eye. And I just love the colors used in de facade. Designed by VVHK architecten and completed in 2011.
This was a fun discovery on the outskirts of Essen, Germany. A cool apartment building where they've covered the facade with a wonderful pattern.
Flipped perspective of the Marai house in Leiden. Designed by UN Studio and completed in 2012.
This colorful facade I found while in Strasbourg, France. Completed in 2018
Dusseldorf's most colorful building, Colorium. Designed by Wil Alsop architects and completed in 2000
A minimal composed lookup of this firetruck red building in Almere, The Netherlands
When LIAG designs a building and uses the rainbow paintbrush like they did in Zoetermeer for NBD Biblion.
An classic by UN Studio: La Defense in Almere, The Netherlands. Did you know they used a foil designed for perfume bottles to cover the facades? Depending on where you stand the building changes color.
Theatre Agora in Lelystad, The Netherlands has a bright orange geometrical facade inspired by the setting sun. Designed by UN Studio and completed in 2007.
When office buildings are painted blue and have a suiting pattern of windows. Found in Lelystad, The Netherlands
My favorite colorful facades

My favorite colorful facades

Over the year I photographed many colorful facades. Here are my favorites