Siraj Rent A Car - 2020 ©​​​​​​​
                               Made For Creative Pem Agency
                               Client: Siraj Company
                               Service: Logo & Brand Identity 
                               Location: Istanbul - Turkey
                               Logo Designer: Jalal Alashraf
                               Art Director: Yazan Alterkawi
                               ID Designers: Mohammad Alhariri & Majd Sweed & Yousuf Alessa                                       ـــــــــــــــــ
                               A company in Istanbul that rents cars and shuttle for personal and commercial                                use. Has very wide of options to choose from among. That can suit any need                                  like for family, travel, or transportation for companies. However, the logo was                                  design in way to represent that diversity and the automotive feeling of Siraj.
                                   With an elegant and chic identity that can be trusted. An identity that illustrate                                     the safety of the cars they have and the quality of the services.

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Siraj - Branding