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Taqueria Ilegal

Ilegal, a restaurant in downtown Porto, which has a gastronomic concept and menu that changes at any time without warning, making its dining experience more exclusive and urgent. February 2019 marked the official opening of its new concept, the taqueria Ilegal. Before this new concept, Ilegal had a menu that took you on a trip around the world’s several street food traditions. We were also the ones responsible for this branding and you can check it here.

Considered informal and creative, the new concept specialised itself in tacos and typical Mexican food. Here the client could assemble its own taco and even play an “Ilegal Taco” game, a Mexican roulette of tequila shots and tacos, with one of them being extremely spicy.

The actual branding was designed to be easily adapted to any concept, without ever loosing its casual street roots. This new concept was no different at all. The main challenge, besides spicing up the logo, was focused on the space design and reuse some branding materials already designed.

For the logo revamp, we designed Ilegal’s own version of Our Lady of Guadalupe, inspired by the owner herself and, collaborating with the talented Indusmind, we painted it on the main wall of the restaurant. 
Because the space was now more informal and chilled, we designed over 20+ different posters and glued them up on the walls (for those curious about the recipe for the handmade glue, you can check it on our blog). To not waste any material previously designed, we designed three stamps that were carelessly stamped all over the business cards and other materials.

The space opened in the late February, and just as we hoped for, the posters and the painted saint immediately made their debuts on Instagram.

Ilegal Restaurant

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João Saramago
Taqueria Ilegal


Taqueria Ilegal

Branding for Taqueria Ilegal


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