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I've been lucky enough to work on some IBM ads with Ogilvy Japan and Ogilvy NYC. I have gained certain computing knowledge through the creative process. 
IBM, Analytics Honda
Agency: Ogilvy One Japan
Art Producer: Leslie Dacri (Ogilvy NYC) 
Art Directors:  Maiko Wakabayashi, Kei Asakura (Ogilvy Japan)
Smarter Cloud /  Watson Op ad
with agency: Ogilvy & Mather NYC
Art producer: Hannah Villio, 
Art Directors:  Sid Tomkins, Okan Usta 
2631 50159
Featured On: 3/1/2017
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Featured On: 1/11/2017
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Featured On: 6/6/2016
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Featured On: 7/29/2016
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