Design background:
1. National Policy: 
on the afternoon of November 1, 2019, the State Administration for Market Regulation of China and the China Tobacco jointly issued a notice on further protecting minors from electronic cigarettes, which banned online advertising and sales of electronic cigarettes, all kinds of market entities are required not to sell electronic cigarettes to minors.
2. Industry situation:
 the brand of electronic cigarettes increase a lot, the design innovation enters the bottleneck period. Except for the differences of appearance, its function and internal structure are much the same, the market competition is intense.
Influenced by policies and industry environment, the electronic cigarette market of China will be a nightmare in 2020, many brands are retreating from the market.
But I still believe, e-cigarettes will replace traditional cigarettes one day.So I came up with a proposition during this hard time.Create a proposition: "How to guide traditional smokers to try e-cigarettes? "
Behavioral Intervention: lighter is a necessary tool for traditional smoker.Implant design: Lighters are designed to be an alternative to cigarettes.

Design description:
ECL is a modular combination of electronic cigarettes and electronic lighters.
The module of E-L: electronic lighters.
The module of E-C: electronic cigarettes.

C the design of smoke bomb module
The pain point of industry:
It is difficult to break through the hygienic problem of preventing the smoke bombs from touching the bacteria.
Many present designs use recyclable hats. It not only consumes resources, but inside the hat as time accumulates, the bacteria get dirtier. It still doesn't solve the underlying hygiene problem.
Insight about detail:
Sealing silica gel is an essential accessory to prevent the leakage of oil from the smoke bomb. When using smoke bomb, the silica gel must be removed.Solve the above problems through design.
Breakthrough of design:
The smoke bomb of E-CL uses the internal and external mirror image design, the sealed silica gel is designed as a second use, cleverly become two hat accessories, users only need to buy a smoke bomb and can get two different CMF material hat accessories, thus reducing the accumulation of bacteria.It will replace the past ugly capsule packaging and become more fashionable.
Multi-flavor colors can make the product look more vivid.
The design effect of E-CL:
1.It will be more environmental friendly, durable and safe to light traditional cigarettes than old-fashioned lighter
2. It can interest the traditional smokers, and change the smoking concepts.
3.It can help to transmit traditional smoker to e-cigarette players.

E-CL marketing strategies of China channel:
E-L lighters, which avoid conflict with China's policies, are allowed to be legally promoted and sold on the Chinese mainland's Internet. Users can buy the e-cigarette C module in the offline store, and complete the E-C mode e-cigarette combination.

Modular E-CL

Modular E-CL

ECL is a modular combination of electronic cigarettes and electronic lighters. The module of E-C: electronic cigarettes. The module of E-L: elect Read More