NESCAFE Travel. part 2
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    Big Illustration-journey to Brazil with NESCAFE. Part 2
I'd really like every antiglobalist embark on the same journey to track down all the elements of the product creation chain for a large corporation.
It turns out growing coffee is a family business in Brazil.
Brazilian cuisine differs from Belarusian so much, that first couple of days the stomach is confused still waiting for the cutlets, salads and borsch being served :) And these little clay pots are local fascination.
Coffee is one of the main Brazil's exports. It's the world's largest coffee manufacturer.
There are 3 things Brazilian people are best at: coffee, football and carnivals :)
To tell the truth, I've never given it a thought why instant coffee granules are so weirdly shaped. It turns out the explanation is quite obvious.
The two most common varieties of coffee plant are the Arabica and the Robusta. Robusta is grown 300 meters above sea level and Arabica twice as high. Arabica is very capricious and unruly just like a girl :) That's why its taste is highly regarded. As for Robusta it contains more caffeine and it invigorates better. Anyway, usual coffee is a mix of several varieties of coffee plants.