Tawasul - Branding

Tawasul Co.
General service company. 2019©
Client: Mahmod Jokhadar
Service: Logo & Brand Identity 
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Logo Designer: Faris Alterkawi
Art Director: Yazan Alterkawi
ID Designers: Majd Almohtade, Ahmad Jokhadar & Eyad Siwar
Motion Graphic: Alaa Sheh Amin
Tawasul provides logistic, health insurance, residential, juristic consultation services. They can help arabs in turkey to make their resident easer and helps in any consultation they might need. Tawasul can be reached 24/24 to make sure that they are always there when any Arabic person need them. However, in the logo we tired to make a strong arabic mark with a typography that illustrate the identity of Tawasul with a continuous flow to represent the word Tawasul which means communication. the mark had to be in arabic to make it easier on arabs to recognize that the company is an arabic entity. The ID also, was designed in a way that says Tawasul is trusted, gentle, and official company. 

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Tawasul - Branding