This is an illustration of Lightspeed Champion. I stumbled across him while searching for some new music. His character demanded an illustration. The gummy bear is symbolic of his youthful presence and magical imagination. He is very talented. Check out Life Is Sweet Nice To Meet You. Enjoy!
The New York City band Heartsrevlotion’s inspires creativity. Their high-energy dance music is the foundation of a movement designed to tear down the boundaries of race, gender, religion and sexual orientation. Traveling to shows in an ice cream truck, trading friendship bracelets, and proudly wearing hearts and star necklaces are all part of the candy-coated experience that takes us back to childhood innocence when life was simply about having fun.
This illustration was in response to the obstacle of domestic violence Rihanna had to overcome. It was my intention to capture her strength and sensitivity of the matter.
Yeah Yeah Yeahs are an indie rock band from New York City. They have toured internationally and shared the stage with bands like The Strokes and The White Stripes. Their artsy and sexy presence takes garage punk to the next level. They are a very talented group and I’m looking forward to their upcoming projects. The song “Heads Will Roll” inspired this illustration.
I have always known of the Dave Matthews Band but never really listened to them until I met my fiancé. I knew they were a powerful band and chose to wait for the right person to introduce me to their music. It’s always an amazing experience when other people share their passion for an artist with me. I truly enjoy listening to fans’ observations and descriptions. The ways they describe their favorite song. The first time they heard it. The first time they saw it played live. I wanted to illustrate the power of Dave Matthews’s voice. I also wanted to capture the mastery of guitar he has achieved. His music is romantic, inspiring and alive. Seeing the Dave Matthew’s Band live is second to none.
Dave Grohl is a living legend in rock and roll. From Nirvana to Foo Fighters he has offered energy, passion and devotion to creating great music. My observation of his stage presence is captured in this illustration. It is a combination of power hair, power chords and power vocals.
Lady Gaga’s first single “Just Dance” was an instant radio and club hit. It was fresh and new. The electronic sound that I have grown to love seemed to take a leap into mainstream world of dance and pop. The creativity and outward expression of her couture costumes coupled with her cinematic story telling through music serves as the foundation for this illustration. Dance music inspires the body to move and shake off the stresses of life. With the media’s fixed attention on coverage of the war and the global economic disaster, a place for escapism is needed. I think you can find a little bit of that with her music.