Psychedelic Landscapes. 
A few months ago I decided to work on a personal project, I was guided by the aesthetic image of the 70`s and 80`s  who had searched for another project .Conceptualized the posters seeking a climate characteristic of different parts of the planet and worked elements as Water Ice and Earth.Resources Used: Nikon D80, Stock Photos, Cinema4D, Pixelmator, Illustrator.
Conclusion: 2 Months
This motion is the completion of a job three months, which began with three posters and ends with an animation.
I love to see things moving and I like to receive a message in several ways, all of it excites me, the music moves to the sounds they make everything more enjoyable and pleasurable.

This animation was a partnership with so many other @ _igoralmeida.
Beautiful work in your portfolio
 Makro Storm
Computer Arts Magazine #48

At Abduzeedo Daily Inspiration 822