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Illustrator Daily Creative Challenge (May 11 - May 22)
Adobe Illustrator Daily Creative Challenge
Space-themed Challenge
May 11 - May 22
Building Illustrator skills in 9 space-themed challenges.
Day 1 - Spaceship Icon
Design a spaceship icon using shapes and the Pen Tool

My approach: I found a spaceship online which looks very cool and I decide to make it as an icon.
Reference Image for Day 1 Challenge.
Day 2 - Solar System Map
Design a solar system travel brochure, complete with planets and info.

My approach: I want to show the solar system as a map and clearly layout with their planets' path.
Day 3 - Control Panel
Design the control panel for a spaceship using outer & inner flow to create glowing buttons

My approach: I enjoy making futuristic graphics and turns out making a futuristic vision in the year of 2052.
Day 4 - Logo
Design a space-themed logo or badge using Pathfinder and Type on a Path

My approach: I've been using similar colours across the previous challenges and I continue to use those colour palettes and create different logo variations.
Up: Negative Background
Down: Positive Background and Neon Mode
Day 5 - Star Chart
Design a galactic constellation map using Scatter Brushes and custom lines.

My approach: When we are all have been staying at home during the pandemic, we could not travel anywhere, so I imagined to see a house in the star chart in the sky.
Day 6 - Galaxy Illustration
Create a galaxy inspired illustration using Freeform Gradients.

My approach: With the world is changing at the moment, I imagine what the galaxy may look like in the universe of 2052 and exploration becomes the main element of the design.
Day 7 - Moon Chart
Design an illustrated moon phases chart using custom textures.

My approach: Just keep using my neon blue colour tone to represent the moon phases.
Day 8 - Black Hole
Use Warp tools to distort text and shapes -- as they get sucked into a black hole!

My approach: To align with the colour and glowing effects used across this series, I immediately think of making the black hole as an electricfied hole.
Day 9​​​​​​​ - Travel Log

Design an interstellar travel log with routes and entries using the Ellipse tool & Dashed Strokes.

My approach: combining my Day 2 (Solar System Map) and Day 7 (Galaxy Illustration), my final travel log invite passangers to travel to the new galaxy beyond the solar system that we know.
A big heart thanks to Andrew Hochradel for hosting this inspiring space-themed illustrator daily creative challenge. And all the feedback and comments in the Discord!
Illustrator Daily Creative Challenge (May 11 - May 22)


Illustrator Daily Creative Challenge (May 11 - May 22)

Sapce-themed Illustrator Daily Creative Challenge