Blue Bird Bake Shop
brand identity and promotional collateral
Through a mutual friend, I was introduced to the baking duo that were busy building a loyal following for their cupcakes, brownies and scones. They were selling their wares through Orlando area restaurants with the goal of eventually opening their own storefront. While they were attracting a fan base, they needed a brand. Concepting with them, Blue Bird Bake Shop was born. I designed their logo, meant to convey a sense of nostalgia, cleanliness, and whimsy.
Their brand identity established, they grew the business until they were ready for their own storefront in the summer of 2010. The following promotional collateral was developed to herald that opening and various special events that followed.
In addition to print work for Blue Bird Bake Shop, I co-administrate their social media marketing efforts on Facebook and Twitter, co-authoring posts, designing and publishing custom cover photos, tab icons and tabs, and copywriting menu descriptions and photo captions. Visit Blue Bird Bake Shop at