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    Paintings from IRON-Y, my first Italian solo show.
oil on canvas, 40x40cm
"Drama Queen"
oil on canvas, 30x40cm
available here: http://mondobizzarrogallery.com/art.asp?ID=2269
"The girl with the Irony mask"
oil on canvas
50x70 cm (19,69x27,56 in)
"Enough Big Eyes"
oil on canvas
70x100 cm (27,56x39,37 in)
"Bipolar Bear"
oil on wood
Inspired by the paintings of my pop surrealist hero, Martin Wittfooth
"Simple painting with a cool frame"
oil on canvas, 30x30cm
"Searching for the truth"
Oil on wood
13x18 cm (5,12x7,09 in)
available: http://www.mondobizzarrogallery.com/art.asp?ID=2422
Oil on canvas
13x18 cm (5,12x7,09 in)
available: http://www.mondobizzarrogallery.com/art.asp?ID=2423
oil and gold leaf on canvas
40x30 cm (15,75x11,81 in)
available: http://www.mondobizzarrogallery.com/art.asp?ID=2412
"The Artist"
oil on wood
20x30 cm (7,87x11,81 in)
available: http://www.mondobizzarrogallery.com/art.asp?ID=2418
"The hard life of a Pop-Surreal Girl"
oil on wood
25x35 cm (9,84x13,78 in)
available: http://www.mondobizzarrogallery.com/art.asp?ID=2414