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    Dining Table / Light Box
Product Design - Light Table
Designed and Made Dining Table/Lightbox
The product is a duel use product. I needed a Light Box to use for my drawings and my house also needed a Dining Table. Like all my products; there is a single fault, irregularity or flaw intentionally designed into it. This is a little signature that I like to put on anything that I make. It personalises the product more, humanises it. It makes it a little less IKEA, a little more MEa. The one flaw here is that the overlapping of the beams does not match, symmetrically. One corner overlaps the wrong way.

The style is intentionally rough. Everything that could be made from scratch was, and everything bought is adapted or hidden to help maintain the rustic, tavern beam-type style. All wood was bought 120mm x 120mm to instigate the thick and tough design. The coachbolts were bought but the brackets were custom-made. They were cut, heated and bent into shape from a long iron strip. The glass was the only design constant as I had to design the table around its dimensions. Half-way through the design I protected that glass like it were my child, knowing all other dimensions were cut to it.