Photographer: Vlad Feoktistov (Влад Феоктистов)
Architect: Philipp Chernikov (Филипп Черников)
Place: DEPO Fitness
Project type: interior photography (интерьерная фотосъемка)
Location: Moscow, Russia
The project of the fitness centre for the Russian Railways was completed at the end of 2019. The initial concept design is based on 2 major ideas.
The first idea is to combine cool shades of blue and grey and mellow shade of living coral. This exact shade is Pantone Color of the Year 2019.
The second idea is to reference aesthetic of the Russian Railways by including industrial metallic elements.
Color is used extensively, dissecting space and defining each zone. Typography follows the simplistic scheme and features both Russian and English navigation captions.
The total area of the project is 500 sq. m. (5300 sq. ft.) It includes essential training areas (cardiovascular, functional, free weights, machines) within 3 spaces as well as reception, locker rooms, showers and sauna.
DEPO Fitness, interior photography