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    A cold interrogation room; the sense of being watched, monitored by the devices that were once used to help us.
The Enigmatic Dictator
Social networks, google, email, television and mobile phone’s are a platform for ease of communication and education.
This is what it should be limited to. Unfortunately it is not.
Edward Snowden an ex-contractor of the US National Security Agency has leaked highly confidential information that the USA is monitoring our every move via these systems, in an attempt to track down wrong doers or anyone with suspicious behanviour.
The system is being abused as they can manipulate evidence against someone even if they are innocent.
Snowden believes that "the value of the Internet, along with basic privacy, is being rapidly destroyed by ubiquitous surveillance."
The so-called Mass Surveillance Machine is "posing an existential threat to democracy."
It is the building blocks of a Totalitarian State.
A cold interrogation room; the sense of being watched, monitored by the devices that were once used to help us.
It is inevitable, we will become the slaves of our machines...the slaves of The Enigmatic Dictator.
Photography - The Porcelain Dolls
Make-up and Hair - Desire Fouche