COT X (A simple solution to a complex problem)
The first online #design marathon guided by the top designers in #Egypt
Our team's product COT X ranked 3rd place in Cairo Designathon

A smart multi functional unit that works as a simple solution for a complex problem in the health care department during Covid-19 and for future pandemics. Doctors work for long hours with no place to rest and with the current pandemic there is a deficiency in hospital beds for patients. That lead to the designing of a convertible chair that can be used as a stretcher or patient bed that can recline to different degrees for flexibility and is embedded with wheels for ease of move and compatibility. The chair turns into a resting place for doctors, and when needed can additionally be turned into a patient bed with an Isolation unit supported by metal rods and a ventilation system if needed, to be Covid-19 patient compatible.

The chair is made of aluminum as it is cost efficient and easy to sterilize with a detachable PVC covered latex foam mattress (hospital compatible) supported with simple mechanism for adjustment and movement.
COT X (A simple solution to a complex problem)