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    A branding project for a cosmetology and barbering institution.

When asked to work on a rebranding project for a series of schools, I was anxious to try my hand with cosmetology. I thought it would fun to play with iconic imagery that associates with hair and beauty.
I know that barber canes are an overabused motif, but my client fought me tooth and nail to use it. What I wanted to acheive was a very simplistic approach with as little detail as possible. Luckily I think I got it.
In the same mindset as the other logo, I wanted to achieve a very simple mark. For some reason I was
drawn to the comb in jar that you see in every salon. With a day of tweaking and variation
this became the clear decision.
This Summer the school is participating in a charity event where people raise money by gettig their heads shaved. I thought it would be fun to create an illustration that was wacky, but got the point across. Hopefully that worked out.
Oh, and there's a webpage as well. Check it out!   www.buffaloschoolofcosmetology.com