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    Some of the projects which I have been working on during my internship in TP Vision (Philips TV departement)
Here are some of the projects which I have been working on during my internship in TP Vision (Philips TV departement)
One of my first important projects was to prepare a booklet about new Philips TV - DesignLine. The booklet contains sketches, designers quotes, factory images, renders and lifestyle images. It was published for the DesignLine launch event in Amsterdam on March 2013. Now it is used to promote DisgnLine in some countries.
Sizes: 200 x 250mm
You can also watch or read whole booklet here: http://issuu.com/NataliaOprowska/docs/dl_booklet_issuu?e=5953155/5177765
Promotion in United Kingdom
We decided to continue the series of booklets so I prepared next one for Elevation - the slimmest Philips TV and the first with 4-sided XL Ambilight. The launch took place on 10th of July. We kept the same size and layout to make it consistent with DesignLine booklet.
I also participated in preparations of DesignLine advertisements. I did some retouching, designed a layout and prepared everything for print. The ads were used by numerous countries to promote DesignLine such as: Germany, Netherlands, France, Sweden and Norway.
DesignLine ad in Paris
I also prepared a splash screen and an icon for Ambilight+hue app.
And TV stickers about EISA awards.
Another project was a square leaflet to put inside hue lighting system box. It promotes hue and Ambilight+hue app.
The new Philips TV - 9700 UHD won the EISA award fot the best picture quallity. I prepared key visual for the ads. 
"Ultra HD. The new definition of high definition." or "Ultra HD. With definition too high for this print ad."
And the latest booklet about 9000 series Ultra HD TV, also consinstent with the other broschures.
You can also watch or read whole booklet here: http://issuu.com/nataliaoprowska/docs/9000_booklet
Banners fot Philips website.